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About Us

Our Mission
Consumer’s Choice Limited – Renewable Energy Division’s principal mission is to promote the use of clean cooking energy fuels both in the rural and urban homes in Kenya. Our principal goal is to replace gradually the use of environment polluting and unhealthy fuels such as dung, crop waste, wood, charcoal and also use of liquid kerosene, with the Bio-Ethanol Gel and Stoves because they are environmentally friendly, more efficient, more economical and healthier to cook with. Women and girl child throughout Sub Sahara Africa especially in the rural areas, walk long distances risking their lives in forests and plains collecting firewood for their households. They often endure incredible hardships of carrying heavy loads of firewood and being exposed to potentially dangerous fumes that endangers their health and possibly their lives. We have made it our mission that these practices become a thing of the past, never to be repeated in current and future generations to come.
Our Vision
To become the leading and preferred provider of clean and renewable cooking fuels and cook stoves in the East African Region.
Our Core Values
1. Passion for Customer Satisfaction
2. Human Resource Development
3. Teamwork
4. Accountability
5. Honesty, Integrity & Transparency
Our Objectives
1. Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:
To create awareness of disadvantages of polluting cooking fuels and cook stoves in terms of health, safety and impact to the environment. Encourage consumers to switch to cleaner cooking fuels and stoves, operate in improved cooking environment and healthier cooking habits in households.
2. Market Development:
Focus in developing new markets for clean and renewable alcohol fuel and stoves, to create new businesses and jobs. Ensure that stoves and fuel are affordable to the consumer. 3. Partnerships with different parties.
Introducing alcohol fuels and stoves will involve many mutually beneficial partnerships. This will involve players from the central government, county governments, intergovernmental bodies and NGO’s organizations, SACCO’s, private sector organizations, CBO’s, distributors and retailers, and most importantly the end-user who is the Consumer. We hope to exchange experiences, share information, and participate in relevant work-shops and discussions.
3 Corporate Quality Policy
Consumer’s Choice Limited is a leader in clean and renewable energy cooking fuels, stoves and associated appliances. To achieve and maintain this position:  We foster the improvement of staff’s technical expertise and proficiency.  We provide a service until both the client and we are satisfied with our performance.  We work closely with clients by creating clear communication channels.  We apply high levels of technical expertise to achieve accurate and comprehensive results.  We mobilize all means of the company when a problem happens.  We identify reasons for claims and treat them with sincerity and without delay.
Environmental Policy
Consumer’s Choice Limited is committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers and all the communities where we operate. We recognize that by integrating sound environmental, health, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations.
Our environment policy is to:
 Meet all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements. We will evaluate our EHS performance by monitoring ongoing performance results and through periodic management reviews.
 Communicate environmental, health, and safety policies and programs to CCL employees and stakeholders.
 Design, manage and operate our facilities to maximize safety, promote energy efficiency, and protect the environment.
 Ensure that all employees are aware of their role and responsibility to fulfill and sustain CCL's environmental, health and safety management systems and policy.